Our Way of Life

Carmel… Hidden Union with God

At the core of every Carmelite is an intense drawing to contemplative prayer. It has been said that we are explorers of an inner place of intimacy with God. Our life is an interior journey of growing in and through prayer which is lived in loving relationship with Christ.

The Order has the Blessed Virgin Mary as Mother and Patroness, “it takes the mystery of her life and her union with Christ as its ideal model of consecration. Every sister finds in Mary a mother and teacher in the ways of the Spirit who will conform her to Christ and lead her to the heights of holiness.” (Carmelite Constitutions)

Our Primitive Rule was established in the 1200’s and lived by hermits on Mount Carmel near the spring of Elijah, whose words,“The Lord lives, before whose face I stand” and “with zeal have I been zealous for the Lord God of Hosts” express the spirit of Carmelite contemplation and apostolic zeal. Inspired by the great Prophet, these first Carmelites lived intent on God’s Word, ever seeking Him in silence, solitude, and unceasing prayer.

St Teresa of Avila renewed this Primitive Rule with Constitutions establishing monasteries of Discalced Carmelite nuns living the evangelical counsels in sisterly communion, in loving service to God’s people.