Daily Life

Community is essential to our life as religious. It is Christ’s prayer before returning to the Father, “that they all may be one as we are one” (Jn 17:11) It is for this that He lived and worked among us here on earth, to gather together the people of God. And this unity that He creates witnesses to the world, God’s desire to draw all people to Himself.

Living in community calls us to freely choose to give of ourselves to others, -give space, give time, give way with our opinions. This giving deepens and strengthens our relationship with Christ and it opens others to His life-giving Spirit.

community shot 2

We do not go to God alone. We are part of one Body and as we grow in unity with one another we grow in intimacy with Christ. The spirit of the Teresian Carmel is characterized by joy, with time for sharing and recreating. We have a community lifestyle like that of a family, governed by love. St. Teresa called it the “College of Christ”.

Agnes Praying

Let us pray for one another that we may be one mind and one heart in our efforts to love as our Lord has loved, unto a complete giving of ourselves to one another, that each of us may radiate Jesus, His sweetness, kindness, and gentle patience. May each be to the other as Jesus, ‘going about doing good,’ and may the love and service our Carmel offers to the Adorable Trinity be that of ‘the one Christ loving Himself.’
–Mother Aloysius