Prayers of St. Teresa Margaret Redi of the Sacred Heart

Prayers of St. Teresa Margaret Redi of the Sacred Heart

My God, I desire nothing save to become your perfect image; and since yours was a hidden life of humiliation, love and sacrifice, so also I wish mine to be.  I desire to enclose myself henceforth within your most loving Heart as in a desert, so that I may live in you, and with you, and for you, this hidden life of love and sacrifice.

In all things I shall be content, knowing that the route I travel leads to Calvary.  The thornier the path, the heavier the cross, the more consoled I will be, because I desire to love with you a suffering love, a selfless love, an active love, with a firm, undivided, persevering love. …I have promised you many things, but in no wise do I depend upon my own indolent spirit.  You have enlightened me as to what I must do; now help me to execute it.  All this I hope of your infinite mercy.


But how confused I am, my God, when I see what a worthless victim I am, and how unfitting is this sacrifice I ask you to accept.  Yet, I am confident that all will be accomplished by the fire of divine love.

O my Lord, you know my great desire to become a victim of your Sacred Heart wholly consumed by the fire of your holy love.  May your Heart be the altar upon which my holocaust will be made, and you be the priest who will consume this victim by the flames of your burning Love.

I desire to love You with a patient love, a love dead to self–that is, a love which completely abandons me to You; an active love; to sum it all up, a solid love with no division within itself and which will stand regardless of what may happen.

My God, how well you know my great need of your help.  I trust in your infinite mercy, and I shall always do so, regardless of the spiritual state in which I might find myself.  Always and everywhere I shall endeavor to recognize your will in all things, even though my eyes see only contradiction and uncertainty.  I know that I cannot depend upon myself, and so I shall trust completely in you.  “Nothing will separate me from the love of Christ”, for in you, O Lord, I have hoped; I will never be confounded.