Divine Intimacy Series


“A soul enters upon the way of divine intimacy the moment that it resolutely determines to go forth to set out in the quest of God, living and present within it.”

-Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen


       Opening Prayer –  O my God, teach me to seek You in prayer, to put my heart in contact with Yours. Help me to understand that the essence of prayer does not consist in “thinking much, but in loving much” ( St. Teresa, Interior Castle). Make me understand that I am Your dwelling place, the hiding place where You conceal Yourself.  I wish to come ever closer to You, drawing nearer to my soul by Your grace, and the renewal of my faith and my desires. Amen.


Episode 1: Invitation to Divine Intimacy — Seeking God


Our life on this earth is our soul’s love story. It is your story. You were created as a Beloved of God. The word Beloved is thought-provoking. It’s actually two words. Be and loved. I like to think of God whispering this in your ear as He created you, “Beloved, let me love you.  Be Loved.  I have loved you into the existence of time, and remember, I will love you for all eternity”. We really can’t fathom what God has done for us from beginning to end. It is a mystery. But right now, let us take time, to explore a little of this mystery of God and the mystery of who you are.

Episode 2: Believing In Love  — Returning Love for Love

December- January

Time passes and does not return. God has assigned to each of us a definite time in which to fulfill His divine plan for our soul.  We have only this time and no more.  Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen relates, “Our life is made up of this uninterrupted, continual flow of time which never returns. In eternity, on the contrary, time will be no more; we shall be established forever in the degree of love which we have reached now, in time.  If we have attained a high degree of love, we shall be fixed forever in that degree of love and glory. If we possess only a slight degree, that is all we shall have throughout eternity. No further progress will be possible when time has ended. “



Episode 3:  Living In Christ–The Way, The Truth, and The Life


Desires and opportunities are signposts on a map to our life in Christ. They are our destiny. Our missions. We must never allow our fears or doubts to halt our nurturing souls. We must find the courage and trust to fulfill the plan carefully folded up before us. Our plan is in Christ. Custom designed by Him to be our way, our truth, and our life.