Teresa of Avila on Spirituality and Community

A lecture by Dr. Rowan Williams
April 5, 2014
This event was  the first of Boston Carmel’s initiatives to honor St. Teresa on the 500th Anniversary of her birth which occurred on March 28, 2015. Together with Carmelites throughout the world, we celebrated  St. Teresa to draw closer to her and to revitalize and deepen our understanding of her teaching and spirituality which are our heritage as Carmelites. In sharing this excellent lecture with you, we hope you will be touched by her person and discover the richness and relevance of her teaching for our time.

Dr. Rowan Williams
Dr. Williams is currently Master of Magdalene College, University of Cambridge and is the former Archbishop of Canterbury. He is acknowledged internationally as an outstanding theological writer, scholar and teacher.  He is a prolific author and has written extensively across a very wide range of theological, historical and political themes. He is also writes poetry and reads or speaks 10 languages.  His other interests include music and fiction.

His interest in Teresian spirituality began at age 14 when his pastor gave him a copy of St. Teresa’s autobiography. He continued to study Carmelite spirituality more as a student, having also visited Lisieux, and read St. John of the Cross as a graduate student. A series of lectures on the history of Christian spirituality resulted in his first book which ends with a summary of St. John of the Cross. He also gave a series of lectures at Oxford and his book on St. Teresa of Avila came out of those lectures. He continues to read St. Teresa and St. John regularly.

Video available soon