Pray In Our Garden

Prayer to Our Lord on Calvary

Prayer to Our Lord on Calvary

Lord Jesus crucified,
how often we see you hanging on the cross—
in churches, homes, hospitals, gardens, over hearts—-
and how infinitely wise are the words you speak to us from it:

  1. about suffering,
  2. about comfort,
  3. about forgiveness,
  4. about love.

As I look upon you on this cross,
open my heart to be attentive
to the word you want me to hear today–
to the word you want me to treasure today. Amen.


Prayer to the Boy Jesus

Prayer to the Boy Jesus

Jesus, we don’t often think of you as an adolescent,
but by sharing our humanity, you grew just as we do,
from infancy to adulthood

  1. – not in leaps and bounds-
  2. but inch by inch!

How tender your condescension to us in our humanity!
You know us through and through by experience–
whether we are babe, or youth, or adult.
Be our wise and loving companion
as we walk through all the stages of our life. Amen.


Prayer to the Holy Family

Prayer to the Holy Family

Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
What a blessing you are to us.
You radiate joy, but you knew sorrow and pain.
You experienced homelessness, when you searched for shelter in Bethlehem,
You felt the pain of being judged harshly and wrongly about Jesus’ conception,
You knew the weariness that comes after a hard day’s work;
You delighted in each other at family meals with laughter and sharing.
You pondered and prayed God’s word together.
You tasted life and death in your lives and in all things worshipped God.
Teach us to worship God as you did
And help us make new love songs to God from the daily events of our lives. Amen.


Prayer to St. Joseph

Prayer to  St. Joseph

Dear St. Joseph,
since you cared so well for Jesus and Mary on earth,
you seem to have inherited the task
of being in charge of just about everything!
You are listed as the Patron and Protector of so many things…
and, if there’s anything not listed or needed, the advice:
“GO TO JOSEPH”, seems so right!
And so, I pray:
St. Joseph, patron of workers,

  1. bless the work I do, and bless the labor of all workers;

St. Joseph, patron of the dying,

  1. Obtain the graces I need when my death is near, and pray for all who will die today;

St. Joseph, patron of families,

  1. Bless my family and all families with the strength needed to love unselfishly;

St. Joseph, heavenly real estate broker,

  1. Give assistance to those seeking to buy or sell a home;

St. Joseph, patron of those struggling with doubt,

  1. Intercede for me and all believers to persevere in living by faith;

St. Joseph, patron saint of the unemployed,

  1. Find fulfilling work for all who are looking for a job to support themselves and loved ones;

St. Joseph, protector of the unborn Christ,

  1. Protect all the unborn from the evil of untimely, calculated death and all children from abuse;

St. Joseph, mender of broken things,

  1. Help mend all whose hearts, spirits or minds are broken from pain, terror or tragedy;

St. Joseph, model of contemplative prayer,

  1. Teach us to be attentive to God’s ways and God’s words in our lives;

St. Joseph, patron of travelers,

  1. Protect me, all I love, and all who travel from all harm and evil, however short or long their trip;

Finally, St. Joseph, I have a special request at this time (mention your request in your own words)
Would you bring this request to Jesus who called you ‘Abba’ on earth?
Help me to see the answer He gives as one coming from His infinite love and care.
Thank you for listening to me. Amen.


Prayer to St. Mary Magdalen

Prayer to St. Mary Magdalen

O Saint, so dearly loved by Jesus,

  1. You remind me He loves me dearly too.

You were an eyewitness to so many of His miracles.

  1. Pray that I open my eyes to see the great things He does in my life as well.

He cast seven demons out of you—

  1. Intercede for my increase in faith to rejoice in His power working on my behalf in the sacrament of reconciliation to save me from sin and evil.

You journeyed with Him when He walked our earth and provided for His needs.

  1. Obtain for me the blessing of believing that whenever I accompany another and help them in their need, I, too, provide for Him.

You stood at the foot of His cross.

  1. Plead with the Lord to give me courage to stand at the crosses of my life with faith, hope and charity.

You were made APOSTLE TO THE APOSTLES by Jesus to announce to them His resurrection.

  1. Teach me how to proclaim His resurrection to others not only by my words, but by my joy, my hope, my entire life!

O Saint Mary Magdalene, so dearly loved by Jesus, He called you by name .

  1. You remind me that He will call me by name, too, when He calls me to the fullness of love He made me for in the kingdom of His Father.

Prayer to St. Anthony

 Prayer to St. Anthony

St. Anthony, many come to you to find lost things
And your reputation in helping to find them is very impressive!

But you, a Franciscan in a Carmelite garden,
Speak another message.

You helped this community in its time of need–
when donations were asked in your honor for bricks to build our monastery.

Is not this a reminder of the Mystical Body of Christ?
We are all parts of one body,

  1. Christ is the Head, we the members.

Christ is the Vine,

  1. we are the branches.

We are all so in need of one another.
Our gifts are given not for ourselves but for others—

  1. to give joy, to give help, to share whatever talent God has entrusted to us–
  2. it could be as small as a smile
  3. but it plays an important part in God’s plan for the kingdom.

But we are not only called to give but also to receive!
How many gifts we have received from God through others!
As God’s family, all of us belong to one another….

  1. those in heaven and those on earth!

We need to meditate on this more.
We need to celebrate this more.

You, who were such a great preacher of God’s Word,

  1. who are called the Evangelical Doctor,

Pray for us that we may come to a greater understanding,

  1. a greater love,
  2. a greater thankfulness
  3. for this awesome, wonderful mystery of Christ’s Mystical Body.

P.S. And thanks for all the lost things you have found for us!


Prayer to St. Therese

 Prayer to St. Therese

Dear St. Therese,
seeing your image in a garden is so fitting for you who called yourself, ”a little white flower”.

All through your life flowers were instruments of God’s grace for youl
You wrote: “…the splendor of the rose and the whiteness of the lily

  1. do not take away the perfume of the little violet
  2. or the delightful simplicity of the daisy.”

Flowers imaged souls to you and Jesus, the Sun of love, shines on each of them.
Like the flowers, so each person is loved and needed to give our world its beauty.
Pray, St. Therese, that I and each person on earth,

  1. will find their greatest joy in being what God wants us to be.

Little Flower of Jesus, we all know how fragile flowers are.
You did not hide your weaknesses, you proclaimed them!

  1. “Therese is weak, very weak;
  2. every day she experiences it afresh,
  3. but Jesus delights to teach her…the science of glorying in one’s infirmities…
  4. Seeing yourself so worthless, you wish no longer to look at yourself,
  5. you look only at the sole Beloved…”

Ah! St. Therese, what a revelation and consolation these words are to us
who want to deny or hide from our faults and weaknesses

  1. and are more often than not, discouraged by them.

Intercede for us, that like you, we may learn to take our eyes off ourselves

  1. and focus them on Jesus who longs to consume and transform us by His merciful love.

How important to you was the little white flower plucked by your beloved father
And given to you when you asked his permission to enter Carmel.
You saw it as a symbol of yourself,

  1. uprooted from the garden of your home
  2. to be transplanted into the garden of Carmel.

You wrote: “The little flower transplanted to Mount Carmel was to expand

  1. under the shadow of the Cross. The tears and blood of Jesus were to be her dew,
  2. and her Sun was His adorable Face veiled with tears.”

St. Therese, what life does not have the mystery of the Cross in it?
It is a mystery so hard for us to bear, but you embraced it so fully as you grew closer to Jesus.
Pray for us to have eyes of faith to see our crosses bathed in the light of God’s love.

For you, Therese, flowers symbolized acts of love; spiritual practices were strewing flowers for Jesus; and the surrender of your life to Him was expressed as the unpetalling of a rose.
In one of your poems you explain:

  1. “This unpetalled rose is the faithful image, Divine Child,
  2. Of the heart that wants to sacrifice itself for you unreservedly at each moment…
  3. One walks on rose petals with no regrets…
  4. In being unpetalled, I want to prove to you that I love you, O my Treasure!”

How real Jesus was for you, St. Therese. You were the little flower deeply rooted in the mysteries of His Childhood and Passion and experienced His ardent love there. And you came to these treasures by the darkness of faith. We need not envy you for having these gifts. You have given us your ‘Little Way’ showing us how we, too, can live by the faith, hope and charity we have received at our baptism..
You promised to shower roses from heaven on us who are still on earth. Send us this ‘rose—
to live our lives in the truth of this prayer of yours to Jesus that applies to us as well:

  1. “Your love has gone before me;
  2. It has grown with me,
  3. And now it is an abyss
  4. Whose depths I cannot fathom.” Amen.

Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima

Prayer to Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal–
Our Lady of Knock in Ireland–
Our Lady of Pompeii in Italy—
Our Lady of Czestochowa in Poland—
Our Lady of Lourdes in France—
Our lady of Guadalupe in Mexico—
Every nation on earth can claim you as mother, O Mary!
And to each nation you bring special blessings–
Motherly blessings,
Speaking a word from the heart of God
for our salvation.

At Fatima, like a good mother who trains her children,
you reminded us
to pray, to repent, to make reparation, to sacrifice and to abandon sin.
You revealed to us that sin was the cause of wars–
you predicted future events that are now passed,
and you promised peace if we follow God’s ways.

You also gave an astounding sign seen by more than 70,000 people—
Believers and unbelievers alike—
The miracle of the sun that terrified the onlookers,
but was given that they might believe in God’s care and concern for them,
that they would grow in faith, hope and love.

Pray for us your children, O Lady of Fatima.
Sin is still prevalent in our world—
so many battles flare up all around us, near and far.
“Your heart open to God, purified by contemplation of God,
is stronger than guns and weapons of every kind.
Your fiat, Mary, the word of your heart
has changed the history of the world,
because it brought the savior into the world.” (paraphrase of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI)
And as your Son Himself said:
“In the world you will have tribulation, but take heart;
I have overcome the world.” (jn 16: 33)
May your Son’s kingdom come, Mary! Amen!