God, Hear Me, I Implore You

God, hear me, I implore You,
And listen to my prayer.
You saw me stand before You
In darkness and despair.
O lift me, gracious Ruler,
Upon a rocky peak.
With hope I look to see You, God,
Your guiding hand I seek.

You are a sturdy tower
Resisting every foe.
I fear no stormy weather,
With You I have no woe.
You’ll offer me safekeeping
Within Your tent of love,
From danger I’m protected
By sheltering wings above.

My prayers You have heeded,
Your grace bestowed on me.
Who holds Your name in honor
Receives Your legacy.
So grant long life to those who
Devote themselves to You,
Year after year preserve them
And send Your blessings too.

Before the face of Heaven
Let them forever be!
For God’s unending mercy
Lasts to eternity.
And so I’ll sing a melody
Just as I promised You,
My praise a gift to You shall be
Day after day anew.

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Edith Stein
From Drink of the Stream

Prayers of Carmelites published by Ignatius Press, San Francisco.
All rights reserved. Used with Permission