Our Prayer Life

 Each of you is to stay in his cell…pondering the Lord’s law day and night and keeping watch at his prayers…Rule No. 8

We begin each day and close each evening by turning to God in an hour of personal prayer. These hours are done in a place apart that offers us the needed solitude. Whether the time of prayer is spent with much consolation, or while struggling with dryness and distraction, it is our faithfulness to the effort that the Lord asks. This is a time to trust in the work of the Spirit praying in us. It is a time to deepen our faith and strengthens our relationship with Christ.



Daily Eucharist

” … if we let ourselves be purified by the sanctifying power that flows from the Eucharist, if we offer ourselves to the Lord in this Sacrifice and receive Him into our innermost souls in Holy Communion, then we cannot but be drawn ever more deeply into the current of His divine life;  we shall grow into the mystical Body of Christ, and our heart will be transformed into the likeness of the divine heart.”–Edith Stein-The Ethos of Women’s Professions

We have the privilege of having the Eucharist celebrated daily in our choir. It is here in the Word and Sacrament of Thanksgiving that community is formed, nourished and strengthened. It is here that we commit to each other and offer ourselves to the Father as one body in Christ.



Five times a day we gather as a community to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, the prayer of the Church. It is a time of joining our voices to the voice of the Church and knowing, even as we pray for the world, that we ourselves are carried in this powerful stream. Our efforts, which we trust to be fruitful, are gathered up in the prayer of Christ and His Church and offered to God.

EM LectioLectio

An hour of spiritual reading, or Lectio Divina, is vital to our growth in prayer, providing daily nourishment for our spirits and strengthening our relationship with Christ. This is done on one’s own, with guidance in the choice of reading for those in initial formation.