Meet The Sisters

We are presently a community of eight sisters, formed by culture, experience and family, each bringing to the group a unique mystery of who she is, has been, and is called to be. As we learn of each other, and respond with compassion and love, we give free flow to the work of the Spirit among us—the only One who can truly bring community into being.

Originally from the United States, the Philippines, and Korea and having worked and lived in such places as Australia, Bangladesh, Italy and Jamaica, we find that it is here within the three acres of our monastery that we can touch the Center and be “where it all happens.” But our past is a part of us and each sister’s story enhances the group. Before coming to Boston, we were individually engaged in a variety of professions, including school principal, marketing manager, banking manager, physical therapist, and missionary.

Two of our sisters transferred from other religious groups. As we listen to each other’s stories, there is always a cause to wonder at God’s marvelous plan for each in her call to Carmel.

Our life together draws on the gifts of all and often awakens latent talents. Among us are a carpenter, some gardeners, several artists and musicians, as well as computer specialists. Interests range from embroidery and poetry to birds and animals and anything beyond. We have our organizers and our “idea people,” our sweepers and our celebrators, and we find that it all comes together quite wonderfully.

The ability most brought into play is the giving of love, respect, and forgiveness because, though differences enrich us, they also challenge us to grow. St. Teresa reminds us that in Carmel’s communities “all must be friends, all must be loved, all must be held dear, all must be helped.” (Way of Perfection C4, No. 7) Further on in the Way of Perfection (C35, No. 7) St. Teresa continues: “How the Lord must esteem this love we have for one another!”